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Adobe loves Apple (and Choice)

Adobe loves Apple (and Choice)

Today Adobe launched a campaign in response to Steve Jobs 'Thoughts on Flash'. The campaign is spearheaded by Adobe founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock, and the campaign site debunks the myths mentioned in Jobs open letter regarding touch, video, performance, security and openness.

If you go to today, you'll see a banner saying "We love Apple" and "We love choice". Clicking the ads will take to and a new sub-site that explains Adobe's belief in openness and letting the users select what is best for them. Adobe (and formerly Macromedia) has always worked hard to make the best tools for web publishing/creation and they will continue to do so for emerging technology like HTML5 and CSS3 as mentioned by Kevin Lynch in this interview.

Jobs letter was pretty much a direct attack on Flash and several community members blogged about how uniformed the letter was. With the title 'The truth about Flash', Adobe debunks most of the myths pushed forward in Jobs letter and Adobe evangelists have worked producing great articles and videos proving him wrong.

Jobs letter is going to affect all of us working with Flash and we've already heard reports of clients that want to build solutions using HTML5 rather than Flash. It is really hard for them to understand that HTML5 isn't ready for primetime yet and they would be disappointed if they knew the state of HTML5 and CSS3. Websites like and keep track of incompatibilities and issues and it's not exactly happy reading. This will obviously improve over time and progress is quite fast indeed. This does however not kill Flash in any way as some claim. Even in it's finished state, HTML5 will only offer support for a  basic subset of Flash's features. Nobody is yet talking about HTML6, but not even that will be a Flash killer as Adobe will continue to innovate with Flash.

The new campaign is an interesting move by Adobe and we look forward to seeing this play out. Apple is both making a Flash alternative and suing/countersuing companies east and west so this is going to be just like a long soap. We're just not sure it's going to be a good one.


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