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Adobe Media Player now on Labs

Adobe Media Player now on Labs

Today, Adobe released the public beta of the Adobe Media Player. It's looking really good, has a super-smooth install procedure, offers lots of content and exploits the new video features in the last update of the Flash Player.

by Jens C. Brynildsen The amount and quality of the content is what impress us the most. The catalogue available in the new player makes Adobe Media Player (AMP) more interesting than services as Joost. Joost is actually a very good comparison. Joost is a Media Player that offers a lot of content and so is AMP. The main difference is that AMP can also play back any local FLV files you have on your harddrive and it installs by clicking a web graphic.

What will impress the most is probably the installation experience. Click a graphic on a website and a dialogue comes up asking you if you want to download, open or cancel. When you click 'open', the app downloads and BOOM (Steve Jobs style) you have the app running on your desktop. Installing software has never been this smooth to the end user and I have to say that Adobe have gotten this right.

New in AIR beta 3 - you actually get to choose where the app is installed...

On Joost, you'll have a hard time finding quality content and there's few updates. I'm really enjoying myself watching classic american cartoons and japanese anime series such as as Bleach, Dragon Ball Z and DIGI Charat (not complete series, but still fun). I can easily see myself spending a lot of time just to explore what's available.

While we don't know anything of how often the AMP content will be updated, the player has better feel than Joost. Video actually plays back smoothly rather than stutter as it currently does on Joost. Every click in the interface of AMP gives instant response, whereas on Joost you can click forever without the interface responding (former versions were actually better.

It's not error free, but this is a beta version so we'll give them some slack. Slightly sluggish transitions, the freeze frame from the previous video is still around when you start a new film, audio volume should change as it's changed (not when released) and what's with the pixelated bitmap background? Isn't this Flash?

With loads of cool content, hardware accelerated fullscreen playback and a good looking interface, AMP may just be my new favorite media player.

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