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AIR roadmap

AIR roadmap

At the Stockholm OnAIR event, Adobe showed the preliminary roadmap for AIR. This month there will be a 1.1 update that offer localized installers as well as a couple new API commands.

The 1.1 update will offer a localized installer experience for Japanese, French, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Brazilian Portugese. The SDK will be made available in Japanese and Spanish. The update offers bug fixes (memory and more) as well as a couple new API commands. The one command published officially seems like a good addition - File.availableSpace. This update is targeted for this month - June 2008.

AIR 1.5 does not have a date and it's also a kind of maintenence release, but it will bring two important updates - Flash Player 10 and a more recent release of WebKit (with video-tag support). There will be some bugfixes as well with this release.

AIR 2.0 is up in the "air" and the team is currently doing developer interviews to find out what features to add. We talked to Mike Chambers and asked him what users are requesting and he revealed that among the current requests there's better debugging support for javascript development, opening applications and USB support. Imagine being able to write your own USB drivers for hardware - that'd be a great addition! Stay tuned for our full interview with Mike later this week.


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