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Alternativa 3D will blow you away

Alternativa 3D will blow you away

Russian Alternativa just put out a demo of their new 3D engine that will blow you away. It's a full walkable level from a FPS-style shooter with great looking textures and ambient sound.

The crew has had a bumpy road to success. The engine started as a semi-3D isometric engine that looked good but kind of awkward. They recently decided that they had to do a full rewrite of the engine and that certainly was a good choice! Click the image to see a full-size screenshot that really shows how good looking this engine is. It obviously uses a lot of tricks to achieve this (pre-lighted textures and such) but the Bunker Demo looks really good on our dual core MacbookPro - playing back at 20-30 even with a large viewport. The temple-demo didn't work too well for us, but other demos have really amazed us lately. They also still offer full isometric support as well so this engine really has possibilities. That's kind of the key here as this a commerical engine, not Open Source as Papervision3D, Away3D and Sandy. Alternativa is a Platform that will come with an editor for deigning games and most certainly also commercial support.


This is what the Alternativa crew have to say themselves about this release and Ryan Christensen (drawk) has a great overview/review written up at his blog. If you want to follow 3D in Flash, stay tuned to Flashmagazine and check out this list set up by Carlos Pinho to see what's already out there.


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