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And we’re back

And we’re back

Today, Apple reversed its previous stance on using third party tools to develop native apps for iOS (the software that powers the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). They made the announcement today on their website, siting changes in the licensing agreement for iOS developers, as well as posting App Store guidelines to provide more transparency about the process.

This is great news for Flash CS5 hopefuls who couldn't wait to try out the iPhone Packager, but who were subsequently disapointed when Steve Jobs announce the banning of such tools for apps in the App Store. After the banning announcement, Adobe moved resources which had been dedicated to the iPhone Packager onto other things. The project saw very few updates since then, still only supporting the 3rd version of the iOS software (iOS is currently in it's 4th version with another scheduled update this fall). We will have to wait and see if Adobe revitalizes the tool to work with the updated software. Adobe has yet to release an official response, but this was posted on their Twitter account today: "We are encouraged to see Apple lift restrictions on its licensing terms, giving developers freedom to choose the tools they use." And even though Adobe may not outwardly be jumping up and down, their investors at least seemed happy as their stock price rose 12% at the time of this post.

Of course, Adobe wasn't the only one talking about this on Twitter today. The Flash community expressed reactions ranging from skeptical disbelief to excitement. Many speculated about the motivation behind Apple's policy change, wondering if Apple was more concerned about the surge in Google Android Apps and less concerned about listening to developers as Apple's statement claims. Either way, I'm sure we will be hearing more about it in the near future. Perhaps from the iPhone Packager Twitter account itself, which came back to life today.

UPDATE: Adobe has now posted an official response


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