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ASWing 1.3 released

ASWing 1.3 released

ASWing is a component framework that offers more than 40 components for lightweight and skinnable applications with both AS2 and AS3. The latest version also just got support for native AIR windows.

Do you know the Swing framework for Java? Swing allowed skinning Java applications without making substantial changes to the code for the program itself. ASWing is based around a set of actionscript classes that enables you to quickly build custom windows, sliders, dropdowns, buttons and other GUI elements using just code. The framework now consists of more than 40 components. All the components are lightweight (compared to Flex) and there's even a windows based visual GUI Builder that will produce the required actionscript classes for you.


The latest news is that a subset of the components will now work seamlessly with Adobe's AIR so that you can use ASWing to skin windows and other elements natively. The team also just recently started a forum in addition to their mailinglist and the team want all discussion around the framework to move to the forums for more instant feedback. The core team has a chinese background and it appears this is where most of the acitvity currently is. Most of the site and all the documentation is in english though so this should not pose a problem for western users.



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