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Beware: FlashEurope is a scam

FlashEurope looked to be one of the coolest venues this year, but something went wrong. Horribly wrong. The conference date have been pushed three times and the website now serves as bait to lure unsuspecting Flashers for money.

Many blogs have written about this, but we'd like to add to it so none of our readers fall for this scam. This conference will never be held. Many, if not all, the speakers have pulled out of this. There is nobody responding to the email adresses listed on the site and the the site itself is not registered to a legal person, but rather "LangleyAirforce Base CIA Virginia"... Hardly a good sign. If anyone reading this has any affiliation with the legal registrant (any Flash users in the CIA?), ask them to take control and close the site.

Do not fall for this scam. If you have paid to attend this conference, contact your credit card company and try for a refund. If someone you know has talked about attending, contact them as well. Maybe the airliners can refund tickets if you talk to them early.

PS: if you really want to go to Bracelona, we'd suggest you go to OFFF instead.
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