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Cooties brings back memories

Cooties brings back memories

Want to see the latest Flash-killer? Cooties from BlueDojo mimics Flash using HTML5 and exports to a format readable by most HTML5 capable browsers.

HTML5 applications have come far and some of them can now really compete with what you can do with the Flash Player. They have some miles to cover though, but most of their creators are blissfully unaware of what Flash is capable of. Many seem to think that Flash is still just a basic animation tool. Enter the next generation of Flash-killers: Blue Dojo has their mission on the frontpage "Our Goal Is For Cooties To Kill Flash".

Why not make a clone of the Flash authoring tool that exports animations to HTML5 and Javascript is the idea of Blue Dojo, the company behind the Cooties application. Cooties really bring back memories of the first versions of Flash. The current capabilities of the app are drawing and moving shapes, text and bitmaps around. There's layers that you turn on off visibility, rename and lock but you can't rearrange them. You can also tween them around, but without easing.

When you log in, you supply your Google credentials. This is used to save your files to the Google cloud. After this, you're free to create to your hearts content. You can set stage dimensions, background color and FPS. You can add and remove keyframes just as in Flash and you can draw and and tweak the positions with the Properties panel. Imported images are added to your library for re-use though there's no concept of symbols as in Flash. You even press CTRL + Enter to test your movie, just as in Flash. When you are ready to export, a popup shows you the HTML + a link to the 274Kb library that plays the animation back.

There's no Undo/Redo and the app does not work in some browsers (we had problems in Chrome and the latest WebKit) so the app is still in it's infancy. It will however be fun to see how far the author Jim Nguyen (CEO of Blue Dojo) can take this. You can test the application for yourself here


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Posted by Lennart Rikk on 10/18 at 12:18 PM

Nice :D. I hope they do kill Flash, it should have been put down after Adobe bought it and broke it anyway’s.

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