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Degrafa Beta 3 released

Degrafa Beta 3 released

Want to create graphics in Flex, but feel it's hard? Look no further than Degrafa. It's made to solve the headaches of Flex developers when it comes to graphics. Vectors, bitmaps, fills, strokes, scaling, skewing, rotation, translations, filters, repeaters are just a few of the features Degrafa opens up to Flex coders. With this release comes a new site as well and it's looking good.

Actionscript programmers have always been able to create low level graphics, but if you come from a non-Actionscript background this may seem daunting. Degrafa solves this by allowing you to use MXML to draw rich graphics in your applications using tags that look familiar like this:

centerY="120" >

Degrafa can be used to create anything from dynamic graphs to vector drawing programs. You can create vector fills and parse SVG files. Skin buttons and advanced CSS layouts. The new Degrafa site offers lots of good examples for what can be done. If you want a richer interface for your RIA, check it out. has now been moved to and the site has gotten a redesign that looks really good.

Note that Degrafa is valuable to traditional Actionscript programmers as well. Since MXML is really nothing more than Actionscript code, you can easily use the features in Degrafa from code as well such as in this example. Just download the Degrafa source and use the classes directly in yor projects and you have access to everything in Degrafa that is not dependent of the Flex Framework.


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