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Developers Resource Kit 3 available

Developers Resource Kit 3 available

Macromedias third developers resource kit is now available and it's filled with goodies. This time, Macromedia tries a marketing twist by personifying the DRK with Community Manager Mike Chambers...

The DRK contains Component Set 5 with several new components: TextField Component, Tab View Component, Accordion Pane Component a neat expanding menu, Week View Component for browsing dates and calendars and a general Slider Component. The TextField Component comes with data validation, icons to tell the user status for the filed, bevel effects and masking of user input. The DRK also contains a separate ActionScript Data Validation Library that can vailidate stuff like US Zipcodes and phone numbers.

A couple interesting extras have made it onto the CD ROM this time. Firstly there's stuff for news aggregation. Sample applications as the RSS/XML News Reader Application, RSS 1.0 XML Feed Creation and Management Application (RSSify) and the Macromedia XML News Aggregator are yours to rip apart and study. Why not add the FlashMagazine RSS? In addition, the complete source files for the DRK CD itself are on the ROM. A great way to learn how to make a CD ROM with Flash. There's also a component for making Bevel layouts and the FireFly Components so all in all this is a great collection. To get DRK3, you now have to subscribe to DevNet ($299 yr). That will also give you the next 3 DRKs. Also: New Macromedia weblog: Tech Sales

Interesting twist: Macromedia has started doing personalized marketing by putting Community Manager Mike Chambers on the cover of and other parts of the site. It's always nice to see Mike's happy face and we love his DRK karate moves!
Listen to Mesh himself introducing DRK 3!


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