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DRK4 released

DRK4 released

Macromedia has released the fourth DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) containing new charting components and 4 complete applications.

Macromedia Flash Charting Components Set 2 is the best news in a long time. The set contains Legend, Bar, Line/Area, Pie and Combo charts and with the addition of 3D rendering, it all looks a lot better then the previous ones. Using the first set of Charting Components we were annoyed by the amount of bugs (sloppy code), so let's hope this set is better made. The DRK also contains some clip art graphics that may come in handy for application developers. These contain common icons and UI elements ready to use.

There is also 4 Sample Applications: Pollster, Commerce Search, Stock Chart and Internet Search. These are complete applications and a great way to learn how to build applications.
Read more/buy DRK4 here (supports FlashMag)


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