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June 23rd 2006 | Jens C Brynildsen




No that is not a typo and we did not mean Flex. Fjax is a smart way of using a small Flash movie to parse XML instead of using a large AJAX framework to handle all the exceptions required by todays browsers.

Webmonkey posted a great interview with the Fjax developers yesterday. Using a 4Kb SWF to parse XML is a brilliant idea that will ease development of big AJAX applications, removing the need for a XML framework. The SWF itself is never visible. it is dynamically added to the page when required, grabs the XML data and returns the data to the page. The Fjax site itself is built using the tool it promotes and as they clearly state - this is not the intended use, but a good showcase of how it works. A truly simple but powerful idea executed with only 65 lines of Actionscript code that is really approachable for non-flash developers.
(Via Beedigital)

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