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Flash 6 at 95 percent penetration

Flash 6 at 95 percent penetration

Macromedia just released the Flash player stats for June this year. Flash 6 is now above 95% in both Canada and Europe. A welcome new addition to the stats are the full version number of the Flash player tested.

The Flash 6 penetration is no longer for *any* version of Flash 6, but rather the version. This is really nice when you consider some of the early bugs in the Flash 6 player, like device text that wouldn't mask. Asia and the US are closing in too, so there's not really any practical difference between the continents. These stats should make selling Flash video a breeze. The other video players are just keeping their positions, with the exception of Real that is surprisingly up a bit.

The maybe most interesting number in this survey is the number for Flash 7 Players in Europe: 81%! That is really a big difference and means a 21% increase from last survey. Usually, the increase is slower when the player gets "old", so this is a bit remarkable. It is still only statistics, and there are error margins here. We do however know from earlier research that the numbers are usually quite correct, so this is interesting for AS2 developers in Europe.
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