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Flash components for Teleo hardware

Flash components for Teleo hardware

So you've got Flash on your desktop, Flash on your pocket PC and Flash on your phone - where do you go next? Well how about building your own hardware?

Animatronic Hand by Andrew Laska MakingThings, a San Francisco based design & technology firm that specializes in the creation of rapid prototyping and development tools, has released a Flash Component Set to control their Teleo range of modular and networkable hardware.

The hardware range includes input and output controllers, motor controllers and a wide range of sensors and accessories. Couple these with the Flash components and you can easily and inexpensively create and control applications that sense, react and interact in the physical world. These applications range from interactive works of art to interactive kiosks and window displays to interactive museum installations and environments.

Making Things will be exhibiting at next weeks Flashforward conference in San Francisco.
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