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Flash for the IPhone!

Flash for the IPhone!

At the Adobe MAX keynote the announcement everyone was hoping and waiting for - Flash on the iPhone is coming! It won't be Flash Player in the browser, but you will be able to use Flash to author iPhone applications that runs natively on the iPhone.

Slightly before intended, the iPhone dev pages on Adobe Labs were released. This was the announcement we all waited for. Accodring to Community evangelist Serge Jespers, "A public beta version of Flash CS5 Professional with this new capability is planned for later this year. This new capability in Flash CS5 Professional allows developers to use their preferred Flash Platform tools and technologies to develop content for a device that was previously closed to them." Adobe evangelist Mark Doerthy has the most descriptive article online at the moment, detailing most of the features available to iPhone apps made using Flash CS5.

Further information:

South Park Avatar is one of the first Flash made applications available from the iTunes App Store. Click here to download and test.

(via the MAX keynote + Dave Yang)


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