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Flash MX 2004 announced

August 25th 2003 | Jens C Brynildsen



Flash MX 2004 announced

Today, Macromedia announced the next generation Flash development tool, Flash MX 2004. Read on for the full story from Flashmagazine with all the details you'll want to know.

Some weeks ago, the first public beta of the new Flash Player 7 was announced. This time, it's the program itself. Speculations on the name were many. Would they go back to numbering or stick with the MX-name? Would it be MX2? The official name for the new product is Flash MX 2004, but wait... It's also Flash MX 2004 Professional!

Macromedia have decided to split the program into two separate products. Both programs have the tools we all love; toolbox, timeline, panels, components, but the Professional version also comes with a few extras.

The new Flash UI

There's a new layout tool called screens that will make Flash more approachable for developers with a different background than Flash. People that have previously used tools like Visual Basic and used form-based layouts, will love this addition. If you have a Flash background, you can still stick with the good old timeline. Screens is just another way of viewing and managing your content that suits better for rapid development of applications.

What are the new features then? It's a lot! As usual, there's a bunch of new features, more than we can tell you in just a short news story, so click here for the full details.

The development time of Flash MX was a bit more than 2 years, but with the launch of Flash MX 2004, Macromedia is back in it's 1,5 years development cycle. While Flash MX was full of brand new features, MX 2004 is rather improving on many of these and the program itself.

Prices will be just about as today:
Flash MX 2004: $499 ($199 upgrade)
Flash MX 2004 Professional: $699 ($299 upgrade)
Studio MX 2004: $899
Studio MX 2004 (w/Professional): $999
(Studio upgrades depends on what product you upgrade from)
Read official information at Macromedia


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