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Flash MX - The downside

Flash MX - The downside

Some things that obviously should have been fixed are not fixed. When Flash 5 arrived, Macromedia had (as always) a list of great new features to go with the press release.

4th MARCH 2002, by Jens C. Brynildsen Some of these have been completely removed in this version and some have been reverted to Flash 4 style like the way you add colors to a swatch.

Some of this was probaly due to the lawsuit from Adobe concerning the use of 'docking' floating panels. Due to this Macromedia had rethink the UI. This will become a bit cumbersome for users if MM don't settle on a UI-style any time soon. This is the third UI in 3 years...

It should be noted that our testing is based on the Beta made available to the press, not the final product. Macromedia may address these issues before the final release of Flash MX.

- The debugger seems to be just as flaky as the old one. In Flash 5, the debugger would not update objects and variables if the file were too complex. Some quick tests on complex files with some duplication of movieclips and a couple big arrays showed us that these problems remain in our Flash 6 press version. In other words: you still have to rely on the 'List variables' and List objects' outputs for complex files. It's a bit weird though that this wasn't improved when they rebuilt the debugger?

- Believe it or not... Your panel sets do still not appear in the keyboard shortcuts menu. If I had some shortcuts here, I'd use the panel layout a lot more. You still have to open and scroll two menus with your mouse before you can change layout - so you'll probably going to keep moving the panel blocking what you're after.

- Still crappy Photoshop import. Supporting only version 3 of PSD files. We guess this is due to some kind of licensing issues.

- No continued support for RealPlayer export. We guess this collaboration didn't go as well as with Apple/QuickTime?

Should have been better
- Having a dialogue to replace missing fonts is nice (and very much appreciated!), but why not enhance this one right at once by letting you substitute all instances of a font with another one easily? This would have been so easy to do and would save a lot of work if you need to change a font throughout the whole movie.


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