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Flash Player 10 and AIR stats published

Flash Player 10 and AIR stats published

Just as Adobe MAX Japan kicks off, Adobe published the new Flash Player statistics and they're really impressive. 55% distribution in just two months. The numbers for the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) are just as impressive - 100 million installs.

At MAX Japan, Adobe presented the new numbers and they are surely impressive. Aproximately 55% across the globe now has Flash Player 10 installed and that's a good thing for more than the developers. Last year, several severe security holes were uncovered and Flash Player 10 is the only fully secure version of the player at the moment. As always, the US is slightly slower at adopting new versions, but it's interesting to see that the "Emerging Markets" (China, S. Korea, Russia, India and Taiwan) now adopt new technology faster than the US. The difference is within the statistical error margin, but it's interesting to see.

This batch of statistics also marks the departure of specific numbers for the Flash Player version 9.0.115. This is sad as these are very important for those working with Flash Video and we hope Adobe will find a way to include those.

Today, Adobe also released numbers for AIR (+100 million downloads), the AIR/Flex SDK (+1 million) and Flash Video usage (80% market share) so according to these numbers, the Flash Platform is going stronger than ever.


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