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Flash Player 7 at 90%

Flash Player 7 at 90%

The latest stats show that more than 90% of all browsers in the US and Europe now has the Flash player 7. Now you can't blame the spread of Flash Player 7 for not learning AS2.

Many big corporations wait a while before upgrading to the latest Flash Player, just to avoid any security issues. Flash Player 7 never had any big security issues, so if your company still uses 6, it's time to upgrade.

Some developers have claimed that they want to wait learning AS2 until the Flash Player 7 reaches critical mass. With 90% of all browsers now on Flash Player 7, that is no longer a valid excuse. Keep in mind that most AS2 projects export nicely to Flash Player 6.

More than 73% of the user surveyed had access to broadband. It is also interesting to note that PDF has increased it's reach significantly the last year, up almost 10%. The other media/video players seem to have a decline in their adoption rates. Maybe this is caused by more and more sites turning to Flash for online video?
(For some reason, Windows Media Player is no longer listed in the latest NDP survey?)
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