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FlashDevelop 2.0 released

October 05th 2006 | Jens C Brynildsen



FlashDevelop 2.0 released

FlashDevelop got a rave review from us back in August. The final version was released today with full MXML and AS3 support.

FlashDevelop is a complete Flash authoring solution that is such a productivity booster that we cannot praise it enough. It's free, snappy, solid, Open Source, in active development and it now integrates with the Flex SDK. If you primarily work with Actionscript , you should really check it out as it will save hours just from reduced compile time.

This version adds full AS3 code completion, MXML completion and Flex 2 compiler integration. The setup still requires a bit of manual setup, but it's nothing difficult. If you want to automate your build environment, Keith Peters has recently published ANT templates to get you started. Using ANT can save you a lot of time recompiling projects consisting of multiple SWF files.

(via Zeh Fernando)

Click here to download FlashDevelop 2.0


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