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FlashForward Film Festival winners

FlashForward Film Festival winners

This FlashForward conference was special in many ways. Beau Ambur had picked up the conference from Lynda Weinman and this year was her first not organizing the conference but rather as a speaker and part of the prestigious FlashForward Film Festival jury. Make sure you browse this years winners if you want to see some cutting edge Flash work.

There was a lot of excitement to this years FlashForward San Francisco event. All the sessions were only 20 minutes and they concluded in a sofa on stage where Beau Ambur wrapped up each session in kind of a talkshow style. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend ourselves, but from what we have heard and read, the new format was a huge success (not all agree on this though). We look forward to attend one of the upcoming events, but while we're waiting - here's this years winners:


Application: Flash Filter Lab by Visual MINDS(Hungary)
Cartoon/Story/Narrative: Bow Street Runner by Littleloud(UK)
Code: In an ABSOLUT World by Great Works +
Experimental/Art: ensemble by Dofl Yun(UK)


Ethan Haas Was Right by RED Interactive Agency(USA)
Motion Graphics: Audi: Rhythm of Lines by GT Labs(UK)
Navigation/Experience: Spectra Visual Newsreader by Fluid with SS+K(Netherlands)
Sound: Audiotool by Hobnox(Germany)
Typography: Mutabor Design by superReal GmbH(Germany)
Video: Stop Dieting Start Living by Tom Foley(USA)
People’s Choice: Twang! by Nitrome(UK)



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