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FlashOrb 1.0 released

FlashOrb 1.0 released

Want to use Remoting in your projects, but can't afford it? Here's a good place to start: FlashOrb. FlashOrb is free for most uses and comes with support for either Java or .NET servers.

According to their homepage, "FlashORB is the industry's most comprehensive and robust platform for exposing server-side components and services for the consumption by Flash MX clients." We won't comment on that, but FlashORB is already praised by many in the Flash community. FlashORB gives you three related technologies in one package: Flash Remoting, Web Services Gateway and Interactive messaging. (If you have not used Flash Remoting and want to learn more, click here.)

FlashORB comes in two versions, standard and professional. The Standard version is free for most commercial uses. It does not have any technical limitations (connection limits or expiration dates) and provides a full Remoting implementation. The Professional version adds a variety of features important for deploying a Flash Remoting solution in an enterprise.
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