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Flex as Open Source

April 26th 2007 | Jens C Brynildsen



Flex as Open Source

Adobe Systems today announced plans to release the source code for Adobe Flex as open source

Available since June 2006, the free Adobe Flex SDK includes the technologies developers need to build effective Flex applications, including the MXML compiler and the ActionScript 3.0 libraries that make up the popular Flex framework. Together, these elements provide the modern, standards-based language and programming model used in Flex.

"Open source has been pivotal to the rapid growth of Alfresco, and it's great to see Adobe take a similar approach to Flex technology," said John Newton, CTO of Alfresco. "We've been very interested in using the Flex SDK to put a more usable and engaging face on enterprise content management, and this move by Adobe makes that all the more attractive."

This announcement expands on Adobe's commitment to open technology initiatives, including the contribution of source code for the ActionScript Virtual Machine to the Mozilla Foundation under the Tamarin project, the use of the open source WebKit engine in the "Apollo" project, and the release of the full PDF 1.7 specification for ISO standardization. By committing to releasing Flex source code to developers as open source, Adobe is embracing collaboration with the worldwide developer community and enabling other open source projects to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities of the Flex framework.

Notice that this is not the same as Open Sourcing the Flex Builder - the tool that Adobe makes it's money from in the Flex echosystem.
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