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Up until today, all Adobe had to offer the User Groups was a simple listing page with search capabilities. At the MAX conference, Adobe unveiled a great new tool for their User Groups offering everything you need to get a UG started: blogs, commenting, discussions, user profiles, networking, event listings, job listings and more.

Want to join a local Adobe User Group? The new UG site makes it really easy to find the right group for you and if you can't find a suitable group, there's tools to create a new one as well. Adobe's Ted Patrick recently took on a new position within Adobe. He's now Senior Manager [for] Developer Communities and the new site is one of many initiatives his group has kicked off. If you have an existing UG that isn't listed, follow this link to sign up.

The UGs are "trusted" and can customize their homepages to some extent (such as the Friends listing at the FlashForum UG). There's already more than 2000 registered users at launch, so sign in using your Adobe ID and create your own profile, complete with image, interests, software skills, portfolio images and more.

The list of features on offer is long, so this will probably be a great platform for Adobe User Groups from across the world. The use of an Adobe ID also solves some spam issues, so the forum feature alone could be a good reason for UGs to sign up. This isn't the only thing Adobe is doing to help the UGs so stay tuned for more UG news in the time to come.


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