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iFac - Ant plugin for Flex Builder and Eclipse

December 15th 2007 | Jens C Brynildsen



iFac - Ant plugin for Flex Builder and Eclipse

Ant is a tool that makes it possible to automate the compilation of your classes into SWF files. iFac is a FCSH Ant Connector for the Eclipse Platform.

If you have experience from the Java world, you probably know Ant - a tool for automating build processes. Why would you automate the building of SWF files you may ask? For a small application, you'll probably have no need, but as your applications become larger this is a really handy tool. Some applications consist of several SWF files. Some of these SWF files may share a class, so if you change this class, all your SWFs would need to be recompiled. Ant is a tool that can automate this for you at the click of a button.

iFac consists of two parts -an eclipse plugin that provides a socket connection to fcsh and an ant task extension, which is able to send commands to fcsh over the socket. iFac uses fcsh (Flex Compiler Shell) for extra speed and integration in Eclipse/Flex Ant processes . This release is a beta release, but should prove to be useful none the less.
Read more at the iFac site


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