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Kevin Lynch in key position at Adobe

Kevin Lynch in key position at Adobe

Kevin Lynch moves from the position Chief Software Architect to Chief Technology Officer. This means that the tech lead of Adobe is really Flash savvy and that he'll probably have to update his blog soon as well.

Adobe have really adopted a lot of the Macromedia mindset, so seen from the customer perspective, the Adobe / Macromedia merger has been a great success. Many of the "Macromedians" decided to stay and Kevin was one of them. Kevin has been with Macromedia and Adobe since 1996 and he has been important in making Flash what it is today. He was part of changing Flash from being just an animation tool to the platform it has become today. Having Kevin in such a key role at Adobe can only mean good things for Flash users. We're also hoping that the new position will allow Kevin to revive his blog.

Speaking of the merger - what's in a brand name? We recently found this under the Tech Specs for a Nokia phone:



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