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NeoSwiff shaping up

July 19th 2005 | Jens C Brynildsen



NeoSwiff shaping up

Darron Schall just posted a great example on how you may create you Flash RIAs in the future. If you're using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or other C# compilers, NeoSwiff is a tool to watch.

GlobFX's NeoSwiff is now in beta (version 0.8), but it already does things that impress. Darrons example shows how NeoSwiff takes care of the layout of multiple buttons in a dynamically scaled swf. The NeoSwiff site has more elaborate examples showing full applications, but Darron's example shows just how fast you can build files that would take a lot time to "code by hand". This looks to be a great alternative to Macromedias rather expensive Flex authoring tool.
View more examples / download beta at the NeoSwiff site


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