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Nonoba Multiplayer API, free managed hosting and $20.000 to win

May 22nd 2008 | Jens C Brynildsen



Nonoba Multiplayer API, free managed hosting and $20.000 to win

Making Flash games? Want to make them multiplayer? Nonoba is a new hosting service that offers an AS2/AS3 API for developing multiplayer games, complete with multiplayer control, lobby and chat, highscores, statistics and tracking, player ranking and achievements, persistent user data and more. Best of all - it's free to use and hosting is included.

Developing games where more than one player can play at a time is usually hard. First you need a good game and then you need some clever guy that can make things happen on the server so you get real user interaction. For most game developers, it's especially the server bit that's hard. Nonoba aims to change this: "Our company,, just announced that we are releasing an easy to use, fully hosted and free Multiplayer API for flash developers. This should allow pretty much anybody with rudimentary flash skills to create multiplayer games, without any hosting costs."

The Nonoba API is for both AS2 and AS3 and it looks really simple to use (if somewhat limited for now). There's no restrictions on the games and you'll have them hosted for free on Nonoba's server farm. You can place your own ads like MochiAds, but user registration and the game itself resides on the Nonoba site, so that's where the value is for them. For you, this gives the additional value in the form of a large existing user base, so it's certainly worth checking out. The site also features three small mini-games that you can use to test the perfomance and see how this works.

To kick things off and get attention, Nonoba has put on a competition where the winner can walk away with $15.000. 2nd place gets $3.000 and third $2.000. Not shabby. Deadline is November 1st 2008.

The Nonoba team is currently looking for Beta testers, so go ahead and browse the API information that is available.


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