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April 24th 2006 | Jens C Brynildsen



Open Source Commodore 64 Emulator written in ActionScript 3

During his presentation at Flash In The Can, Darron Schall revealed a project he and Claus Wahlers are working on: an Open Source Commodore 64 Emulator written in ActionScript 3!

The project isn't anywhere near displaying a game yet, but if Darron and Claus believes it can be done - so do we. According to Darren: "On the debug Flash Player, it runs at ~2.5 MHz. On the release Flash Player, it runs at closer to 6 or 7 MHz. This is a good thing, as the original Commodore chip only runs at 1MHz. So, in theory, it should be possible to emulate the games in real-time without any slow down or speed delays". For now, only the CPU code is ready. Graphics and Memory remain and Darron asks for others to help with this bit.

If this goes well, a whole new world of Flash gaming will arise. If a C64 emulator works, we can easily foresee someone making a MAME port as well. Imagine playing all those classic arcade games - right there in your browser. No download - just click an play
Read more at Darron's blog


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