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Palm with Flash!

October 05th 2002 | Jens C Brynildsen



Palm with Flash!

Finally a Palm OS device that is powerful enough to play Flash. Sony's new NX70V Color CLIÉ™ Handheld will play back Flash 5 content and is crammed with goodies.

It just looks beautiful. Flip the whole thing open to access screen and keyboard, or close it again, but keep the screen by twisting it. The CLIE has a backlit TFT color display with 320 x 480 pixels resolution and 65500 colors. That's twice the pixels of comparable PocketPCs (and the same as Apples ancient Newton 2100 had 7 years ago...). The CPU is a 200Mhz ARM processor that should be able to play back most Flash files with resonable speed. This is the first PALM device that can compete with PocketPCs in terms of power. The OS is Palm OS® v. 5.0.*1 and there is a lot of software included for MP3 playback, video playback, drawing, image manipulation and much more in addition to all the ordinary PIM software.

Would you like a camera with that? Yes please! Built in is a 640 x 480 pixels camera that can do stills and record and playback video (MPEG-4). What about Wireless networking? That's a $149.99 option. Expect Sony to make some waves with this device!

(via FlashEnabled, Mesh)


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