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Play Doom online - thanks to Adobe Alchemy

Play Doom online - thanks to Adobe Alchemy

Feeling bored tonight? Play the game that started the FPS genre - Doom. Michael Welsh from Newgrounds have been busy since Adobe released Alchemy a few days ago and the result is a fully playable version of the game. Good memories!

It bound to happen when Alchemy was released - ports of games where the source is available. Several years ago, ID Software released the code to DOOM - the game that created a new genre - the First Person Shooter (FPS) games. This game brings back so many memories, like the time we hoked it up to my brothers PA system and one of my friends had to go out since the SFX were so intense at high volume so he could not take it. I've spent countless hours on this game and I used to know every secret there was. Is the Flash version playable?

It sure is! If you're on a reasonable fast PC, you'll get something like 30-40 fps. Mike's done a great job. This is the entire game, except the music and some of the sound effects. The shooting sounds, growls and other essential SFX are all there and the cheat codes work (if you need them). Mike also maintains a blog at Newgrounds where he has posted some beautiful fractals and raytracing experiments he did using Pixel Bender as well as other things. Worth checking out.

Expect to see other games published in the months ahead.


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