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Playing with Fire

August 12th 2005 | Jens C Brynildsen



Playing with Fire

That is what Andreas Rehnberg does in a new demo of Flash 8 capabilities. By analyzing a users webcam image, Andreas is capable of making moving limbs burst into fire. Believe us - webcams and Flash 8 is going to become BIG!

Over the last weeks, we've seen some truly brilliant uses of the new Bitmap API in Flash 8. One of the first webcam experiments posted were a bubble-blowing game by Blogger Protozoo. When we saw this, we knew Flash 8 and webcams were going to become big.

Andreas Rehnberg has obviously had some time to experiment around this. His fire-example (Quicktime Movie) is brilliant, but take a look at his homepage! Andreas intends to build a full business model around this feature, and we must say that he looks like he is headed in the right direction. Great looking site, playable demos and a demo video that makes us want to sit down and play with webcams and the Bitmap API. Who needs EyeToy?

Andreas is apparently not the only one playing with webcams. Check out these samples by Charles Forman and others. They are all made using Proce55ing (Java) rather than Flash, but should fuel some ideas. I'm sure this can be done with the new Bitmap API in Flash too and those eager to try themselves should be able to use/learn from the code found at

(Via JD / Franto)
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