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See the new FMS 3.5 dynamic streaming

See the new FMS 3.5 dynamic streaming

Another site launched today by Adobe is Here you can experience snippets from CSI Miami, The Colbert Report, Paris Hiltons BFF and more and the quality of the content will toggle depending on your network connection.

In todays keynote, FMS 3.5 was one of the highlights. The new Dynamic Streaming feature was showcased and so was a new demo site showing this feature - If you have a decent connection, you can experience various videos encoded at bandwidths from 500Mbit to 3000Mbit and the video quality will toggle as bandwidth fluctuations happen. Unfortunately, we couldn't get Charles to strangle the RTMP video streams, but if you have another way to adjust your internet connection you'll see the changes an many of the videos as they play.

There's more to this release of FMS than the automatic bandwidth adjustments. FMS 3.5 also comes with an Apache server, so you can serve all your static files from the same server. This should make deployment much easier in many scenarios. Another great feature is the ability to pause, play and seek even live video streams, allowing for DVR-like experiences right off the web. There's also enhanced H.264 video and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio support. Product manager Kevin Towes has more info about the release at his blog. Something mentioned in the keynote, but not on Kevin's blog is the new Real Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP) that enables peer-to-peer communications in Flash Player - brokered by FMS. This would offload the central servers by letting users stream video to each others and could save ISP bandwidth.

At MAX, Adobe claimed 81% market share for Web Video. This number is bound to be discussed by many as is the latest win's for Flash Video such as NFL. There's no doubt that Flash video dominates the web though and todays release solidifies Adobe's position.


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