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SlideShow Pro with AS3 support

SlideShow Pro with AS3 support

We're a little late with this one, but one of the most popular slideshow tools was recently converted to AS3. This means SlideShow Pro users can finally enjoy the speed improvements in Flash Player 9 and 10.

SlideShowPro (SSP) is created by Todd Dominey that runs Dominey Design. Being a designer, Todd made a slideshow tool that is both easy to use and looks good. This proved popular and there's a lot of happy SSP users in both the designer and developer camp. Dominey also found that handling XML was hard for many, so with the "SlideShowPro Director" service, he made it dead easy to make online slideshows. The service also features an API for PHP developers. A lot of competitors have come around since SSP was first launched, but it's still among the easiest solutions around.

The AS3 version has been re-codes from ground up and it utilizes all the performance optimizations in ActionScript 3 and Flash Player 9. Todd adds "This does not however mean the end of the ActionScript 2 version. There are still plenty of people that haven't made the jump to ActionScript 3 programming in their Flash projects, or are still using Flash 8 or Flash MX 2004. So we'll continue to update both versions of the component whenever a new point release comes out."

To download the ActionScript 3 version, simply re-download the latest version of SlideShowPro for Flash. The archive includes two extensions now (one for AS2, the other for AS3).


PS: If you still haven't already deleted your account, there's also a version of SSP for Facebook. Use Adobe's LightRoom? There's SlideShowPro for Lightroom as well.


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