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Sorenson Squeeze 5 released

Sorenson Squeeze 5 released

Our favorite video compressor just got updated. The new version offers increased speed, improved video and audio quality as well as workflow enhancements. This is not a big upgrade from the previous version, but rather a bunch of small ones that can make an upgrade worthwhile.

Sorenson Squeeze is a longtime favorite with video professionals and Flashmagazine have reviewed the former versions of this tool. In general, you can expect to get much better quality vs bandwidth from Squeeze than the standard video import that comes with Flash. Squeeze comes in two major versions, one that targets just Flash developers and one that targets video professionals in general. Squeeze 5 for Flash outputs only Flash video, whereas Squeeze 5 can also output to Quicktime, Real, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2 and Windows Media. Both versions can recompress from any of these formats.


Squeeze 5 for Flash comes in two versions, standard and pro. The main difference is that the Pro version can encode VP6 video (Flash 8 and up) and if you are remotely serious about video, you'll want this. The new version has an improved H.264 codec, new video filters (watermark, hue and saturation, sharpen, audio duration and audio volume), improvements to existing filters (inverse telecine & deinterlacing), AC-3 compatible surround sound for 5.1 and 7.1 encoding as well as VST audio plugins. The Pro version now ships with Bias SoundSoap, a cool audio optimizer/converter/editor. The non-Flash specific version also adds Microsoft VC-1 codec for Blu-ray encoding as well as improved MPEG1-2 and H.264 codecs

Pricing and Availability

Sorenson Squeeze 5, Sorenson Squeeze 5 Pro, Sorenson Squeeze 5 for Flash and Sorenson Squeeze 5 for Flash Pro are available immediately for electronic download or for shipping in CD form. Sorenson Squeeze 5 is $499; Sorenson Squeeze 5 Pro for Windows is $599, for Mac $779; Sorenson Squeeze 5 for Flash is $199; and Sorenson Squeeze 5 for Flash Pro is $299. Upgrades from previous versions of Sorenson Squeeze begin at $99.

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