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Ever wondered what version a SWF file was published to? Swfversion is a neat and super-simple service that allows you to check any SWF be it local or online.

Created by the Flash team at Norwegian Tarantell, is a super-simple but quite useful service. Utilizing the new Flash Player 10 file features, you can browse to any local SWF and get both Actionscript and Flash Player version. The service also works for online content. Just for fun, we had a look at the SWF on the cover of It's Flash Player 9 and AS3, so Adobe isn't afraid to use Flash Player 9 content themselves. You can also use the service directly via Just type into your browser and see the result.

This service fits in nicely with other Flash Developer related services such as (checks the current version of your plugin) and James Ward's IsItFlex service.


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