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The Flex Show - uncut edition

The Flex Show - uncut edition

If you're working with Flex on a daily basis, you've probably heard about The Flex Show - the longest running podcast in the Flash and Flex community. Now they have a special offer to get all the 2009 episodes on a USB stick as well as a high quality series of screencasts.

I've followed The Flex Show for a couple years now and it's an invaluable source to stay up to date on what is happening in the Flex community. Every episode is 30-60 minutes and apart from the news and conference episodes they all contain a solid interview on technology that Flex devs should know about.

Among the recent topics are AIR2 (Christian Cantrell), Flash and HTML5 (Greg Demichillie), UI development (John McRee), OpenPlug and ELIPS Studio (Guilhem Ensuque), Flex 4 components (RJ Owen), RobotLegs (Joel Hooks) and much more. Every episode is very high quality and hosted by the entertaining Jeffry Houser  and John Wilker. They're both very skilled as Jeffry is a fulltime Flex developer and John is one of the organizers behind the 360|Flex conferences.

The USB drives now on sale can be filled with all the uncut episodes from 2009 ($19.99), an extended series of screencasts on making Flex components ($19.99) or both ($34.99). Absolutely worth the price and if you don't subscribe to the podcast, we highly recomment it!


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