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Time to make more Noise?

Time to make more Noise?

This weeks Flash Player 10 launch brought an unpleasant surprise to the developers and companies that have invested in the new sound capabilities. Without notification or extensive testing, Adobe changed the Sound API between the Release Candidate and the Final version.

According to an eweek article, where they interview Flash Player product manager The change affects the playback latency, the lag between user input and a change in sound. For audio applications this is really critical as it makes the application seem less responsive. The change in itself is alright, but there is a bug related to it. Once you increase the lag by increasing size of the audio buffer, it won't go down again. Since nobody was notified about the change, nobody could test to find the bug.

If you've developed any application based on the new audio features or plan to do so, make sure you Make Some Noise so Adobe will fix this really quickly. Hopefully before the auto-update kicks in and too many end users upgrade to the release version of Flash Player 10. There is currently no bug registered for this in the Flash Player public bug tracker, but we'll update this article as soon as there is.

To avoid audio issues in former versions of the Flash Player, The Hobnox Audio Tool had to use a small Java Server that could do the tricks that Flash could not. With the advent of this bug, Hobnox will have to re-introduce the server, making the service much less user friendly.

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