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Tofino  - Flex authoring in MS Visual Studio

Tofino - Flex authoring in MS Visual Studio

Do you use both Flex and Visual Studio in your daily workflow? Tofino is a free plugin that allows you to author Flex content from withing Visual Studio. The plugin allows you to set breakpoints for debugging and Intellisense is next on the list of features to be implemented.

Switching between authoring tools can be a hassle and being able to do several things in one tool is often nice. The developer of this plugin, Ensemble, is a company that started out using JSP and J2EE that moved over to Adobe Flex and Adobe LiveCycle. The Torfino plugin was showcased at the North American Adobe MAX conference and it's now available as a free download.

The plugin is currently in Beta and the feature set is somewhat limited, but the debugging and type inspection may be enough for VS users to check it out. Visual Studio is known for it's excellent Intellisense system and this core feature is next on the Ensemble team's todo list.


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