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November 11th 2003 | Jens C Brynildsen



Update for Flash MX 2004 is available

Macromedia have released an updater for the English version of Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004. It's great - go get it now.

Today, Macromedia released the updater that will fix the most annoying issues in the new versions of Flash. Are all the bugs fixed? We'll see. From what we can see, nothing has been done to the debugger, so you will still have to use the list variables option to see what is really in your movie. The update to the documentation was really required and if you've fought with the data components to make them work, you life should be easier after applying the update. JSAPI documentation is also around the corner.

Macromedia came under a lot of pressure from the developer community, after the release of Flash MX2004, to improve the performance and stability of the new products. The updater released today fixes a number of bugs and leaks, but probably the most noticable improvement is the speed of the Actionscript editor. This had become unusably slow on some machines but after applying the updater we found the performance to be blindingly fast.

In addition to the updater Macromedia have made a commitment to provide more Help documentation through the Flash Developer Center. There are a number of new tutorials available today.

The list of fixes is massive, so this was surely required. Here's Macromedias list of fixes:
- 34 crash bugs found and fixed!
- 7 lost/corrupt data bugs
- 1 memory leak bug
- Many bugs surrounding double-byte fonts and IME
- MX files no longer fail to Save As
- When using forms, screen code is now correctly saved
- Scrolling and selecting text (with word wrap off) should be faster now
- AS editor is no longer as slow when scrolling big scripts via the scroll bar down arrow button
- Test movie no longer very slow for movie containing tweened clip with object actions
- Output panel refresh rate improved
- Numerous improvements to the Help content
- Added back the Scale and Rotate menu item
- Updated templates and samples to use latest components
- Moving a form within the Screen Outline no longer loses all data binding information for that form
- Library now remembers open state when restarting Flash
- NetConnection and SharedObject are defined as intrinsic class instead of dynamic intrinsic class
nextScene and prevScene do not work properly ( nextScene / prevScene )
- Exception handling does not catch specific type unless completely written out
- A catch clause does not declare the caught variable
- and Function.apply have wrong return type
- Compiler is using r:0 without first preserving it
- Rewind behavior doesn't rewind
- Extra reverse solidus () shows up in loadmovienum path
- url is not opened in some actions of Behaviors
- Stop Sound behavior stops all sounds instead of just one as per description
- Compiler gives error on the description of the Component definition.
- "Script running slowly" dialog comes up when getURL invoked
- Databinding JS-API doesn't completely work
- RearrangeFields formatter doesn't work if 'string' is used in more than 1 field
- Some bindings to dynamically instanced screens don't work
- Data Binding doesn't always work in loaded movies
- Less than sign (<) is not escaped correctly within XUpdate
- In the xupdate a key attribute has a space on the end of the value
- Precision for numeric formatter does not work correctly
- Bad data can be included in updatePacket if there is no schema
- Components lose binding information if they are placed within a movie clip or copy/paste
- Undefined is displayed by List component with Data binding
- Data binding does not set ignoreWhiteSpace to true when copying XML data
- Connectors cannot be triggered when a parameter is updated
- ReadOnly setting in DataSet incorrectly overrides ReadOnly setting in column
- Components: DataHolder : initial value type 'Integer' failing
- clearDelta () method does not clear delta items correctly
- Changes made in the text input control are being applied to the record being navigated to instead of the current record
- Save/Load to sharedObject does not reload the DeltaPacket
- useSort( ) is incorrect when addSort without sort option(s1),then add a descending sort,back to sort(s1) with Ascending option.
- Dataset cannot exchange data correctly with a grid that contains a cell renderer
- Date/Boolean fields display NAN for null values
- Can't 'Define Web Services' through an authenticated proxy
- Timeline effects cause JSFL error message (expand effect)
- Undoing effect does not fully remove it
- Applying Explode effect to a shape in the slide fails
- The explode effect does not function properly on an image inside a grouped object
- JavaScript errors when applying transition effects
- Transition effect cannot be applied on object at frame 30 or after
- Unable to copy text in Help panel
- Importing a file in the Illustrator10 format always causes the file to be rasterized
- Fireworks import: Texts in FW doesn't show up on Flash when uncheck "Import as a single flattened bitmap" option
- Can't import ai files of older Illustrator versions
- Freehand files with text on path cannot be imported after a FH file is imported
- Change the default font of the AS Editor to Monaco
- Auto Format changes logic when comments encountered
- Code hinting inserts spurious component-related text when " mx ." is typed, causing confusion
- Code hint does not appear when colon (:) is typed
- Cannot input numeric play times for sounds
- Two textfields with the same String ID can have different content
- Stage text fields are only updated when arrow tool is selected
- Strings disappear when string cell is double clicked after XML files are imported
- Infinite errors when the swf name is different from fla name after fla is "saved as"
- Xml file name is saved incorrectly when the fla is saved without . fla extension.
- With text field is still selected, unable to save changes
- Pasting text from external applications relocates text box
- Missing font outline warning is displayed when outline is available
- Vertical text fields change location (or disappear) in swf after publishing
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