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Updated FLVPlayback released

Updated FLVPlayback released

Adobe just released an update to the FLVPlayback component that comes with Flash 8 that fixes several issues. If you use this component, you should definetly download the updated version.

The update fixes issues with the SMIL files used to setup the playback, some cases where a second file from FMS Server does not play and some minor problems with skinning.

Other updates you can find on this page are the latest profiles for Flash lite Phones and the Active Content Update that will update the export templates that come with Flash to overcome the problems put in place by the Eolas case. Using these, your viewers will not need to click to activate the Flash ActiveX control in IE. Another (and very good alternative) is to use Geoff Stearns excellent SWFObject (formerly named Flashobject) that offers more options and a simple way to make dual sites that offer alternative content to those not having Flash installed.

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