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Welcome back M/AXNA!

May 06th 2008 | Jens C Brynildsen



Welcome back M/AXNA!

MXNA is back online, but the last traces of Macromedia disappeared in the process

Originally intended to show a few high profile feeds, MXNA now serves almost 1900 RSS feeds from community members with a massive traffic load. After a long period where the server would just present error messages instead of content, Adobe finally figured that this wasn't the best way to show ColdFusion to their existing developers. The server has now been moved to new and faster server. Apparently it's a cluster of 7 servers, so the site should be able to grow quite a bit before slowing down again. The Title of pages are now "Adobe Feeds" and the server has moved from:



The new site is lightning fast and once again a good showcase for ColdFusion.  Complex searches now take just a few seconds to serve up, as opposed to potentialy crashing the entire server. The community aggreagator have been sorely missed by the Flash community for the 12 days it's been down. Several days after the site was taken down, Mike Chambers posted about the status and history of MXNA. MXNA was initially written by Mike and Christian Cantrell, Christian has also just posted about the process of getting MXNA back up.


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