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Projector Tool Showdown

Flashmagazine reviews 6 tools that allow you to build real desktop applications using Flash.



Since Flash 3, Flash has had the ability to export the SWF file as a self-running program for both Mac and PCs. These self-running programs are called Projectors. With the latest version of Actionscript and the help of a third party Project ...

Review: iceProjector 1.5

bildeiceProjector is by far the simplest tool in this review, both in terms of technology and features. It can still create great looking projectors.

Review: Jugglor 2.1

bildeNow here's a classic! Jugglor was one of the first projector tools I heard of, but I'm sad to say it still looks much like what I saw back then. A lot of new features have been added, but the way it works is painfully alike how it used to b ...

Review: MDM Zinc v2

bildeMultidmedia has the most advanced tool on the market. Not only can they do more than any competitor (650 commands), but they also support Mac and Pocket PC export. If you are looking for a program that can almost do everything, Zinc could ...

Review: mProjector 2

bildemProjector does not try to be the do-it-all application, but rather focuses on having the best technology and being developer friendly. Of the tools tested, mProjector has the smoothest developer experience.

Review: Screenweaver

bildeCreated by veterans in the Flash community, these guys knew what the users wanted. Screenweaver was the first tool to use something resembling Actionscript and event handling, rather than cryptic FSCommands and looping MovieClips.

Review: SWF Studio 3.0 Beta

bildeNot to long ago, I did a review on SWF Studio 2.0 for taking your Flash content and turning it into a full-blown desktop application or screen saver. Well now Northcode has done it again with SWF Studio 3.0. With some features changed and ...

Projector Tool Feature Comparison

The tools in the Showdown vary in many ways. From capabilities and price - to ease of use and the technological solutions chosen. This table can only highlight parts of the functionality provided, but should help you choose what tools suits you best.

Projector Tools Showdown- Flashmagazine verdict

bildeDoing this review has been a lot of fun. Both the tools and their makers are more mature. The feature sets increase, the resulting projectors are more stable and almost all the tools are more user friendly and easier to use.


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Jens has been working with Flash since version 3 came out. Since then, he's been an active member of the Flash community. He's created more than a hundred Flash games (thus the name of his blog) but he also creates web/standalone applications, does workshops and other consulting. He loves playing with new technology and he is convinced that the moment you stop learning you die (creatively speaking). Jens is also the Editor of this website.

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