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TurboDemo Professional reviewed

TurboDemo Professional reviewed

The makers of TurboDemo use a slogan that just has to be verified: 'Record Your Desktop and Create Demos and Tutorials within minutes'. Will I be able to do just that? In this review I will have a try at making a simple demo in 'just minutes'.

TurboDemo Professional 6, made by Bernard D&G, helps creating your own demonstrations quickly and easily without the need of programming or Flash animation experience. TurboDemo starts with the Screenshot Wizard mode with enables you to select the resolution of your demo.

After you selected the resolution of your demo, you will end up with a big red rectangle (the "Instant Demo"-feature) on your screen. This is the area that will be used for the screen captures. Every time you click the mouse, a new screen capture will be made. This will continue until you stop the capture, you can do this by clicking on the TurboDemo icon in the taskbar.

After you have stopped the capturing process, you will get a slide view with all screenshots that has been made.


In this slide view you can re-order or remove specific screenshots you don't want to appear in the final demo. After you are done correcting the screenshots, you only need to press the "Play demo"-button to check your demo for the first time. Once you are happy with the demo you are able to export the demo to a collection of formats such as a Flash movie or AVI movie.

If you think that your demo looks boring and need explanation, you can add text balloons to any of your slides. This is also possible, you only need to click on the preferred slide and the "edit"-mode of the slide will open. In this "edit"-mode you are able to insert text balloons, buttons and other elements to make your demo more interactive with the user.


It's very easy to enhance your demo using these elements. If you want/need to change the looks of these with your own design, you would need a secondary product called "TurboDemo SkinStudio".


TurboDemo Professional 6 is incredible easily to use and makes it for everyone possible to make his own demonstrations or instruction movies. The wizard mode of TurboDemo Professional is so simple that you won't even need to read the enclosed documentation. TurboDemo is an excellent program to make your own demos. The promise made in the slogan of TurboDemo holds true.

Check out the demo I made while reviewing TurboDemo 6 it's a simple demo showing off PhotoShop CS.

More information about the TurboDemo and difference between the Standard and Professional edition can be found at:


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